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A CHRISTMAS TO CURE CANCER've heard me say for years that my musical forte is as a live entertainer...NOT as a studio recording artist! Yet, still I get hundreds of requests each year for a "Chris Logsdon CD". You have finally gotten your wish...well almost! With a LOT of arm-twisting Mark Puskarich--with an organization called A CHRISTMAS TO CURE CANCER--coaxed me into the studio and convinced me to record a song to be included on this year's Christmas CD.

I usually HATE hearing my own voice in recordings...but it is amazing what they can do with "studio magic" these days! I received my own copy of the CD a couple of weeks ago and have listened to all 21 tracks---four or five times already. I can tell you completely without bias that it is the most fun collection of Christmas songs I have ever heard and they are all recorded to ABSOLUTE PERFECTION!! I admit that I am daunted by the incredible talent of the other professional musicians who contributed to this CD and I am honored to have been included in such a worthy cause. I love you all and I am a better person for having worked with you on this project.

The CHRISTMAS TO CURE CANCER #3 CD features musicians and recording artists from all over Ohio who donated their time and talents to create this awesome CD. I am proud to tell you that 100% of the proceeds are donated directly to the cancer research organization of YOUR choice! One of my favorite tracks is "Santa Baby",, performed by local TV anchor woman Heather Pick (who is currently fighting her second bout with cancer).

Please visit the following web site to purchase your own copy of the CD
(What a great idea and treasured gift to receive as "stocking stuffers"!).
Think about it... If each one of you on my email list purchased only 1 CD...we could raise over $31,000 for cancer research!! (Click the link below to order CD's)